• We are an innovative chemical company that has been in business for more than 50 years and has developed, designed and manufactured Novel Polyurethane Polymers and Renewable Additives able to enhance many physical properties that could solve a lot of problems in industries that uses polyurethanes as raw materials.


  • Operating since 1965, MCPU Polymer Engineering LLC has been a leader in highly specialized polyurethane elastomers, coatings and sealants. Today we are leveraging this experience and building on this legacy as we expand our novel polymers into different markets.


To enhance the properties of your formulations

  • At the core of our ethos lies a singular, unwavering mission: to enhance the properties of your formulations. We understand the intricate balance required in crafting the perfect blend, and our commitment is to elevate the efficacy, stability, and performance of each formulation you create.
  • By collaborating with us, our partners gain access to pioneering technologies and expertise that ensure their formulations not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our dedication goes beyond providing products; it’s about delivering solutions that amplify the potential of every formulation, ensuring that each one stands out in terms of quality, consistency, and innovation.


Team Ownership, Humility, Reliability, Integrity, Loyalty.

  • At the core of our organization are values that not only guide our actions but also define our collective identity. ‘Team Ownership’ speaks to our belief in collective responsibility, where every member is empowered to take initiative, fostering a culture where we all have a stake in our successes and learnings. ‘Humility’ reminds us that while our achievements are a source of pride, there’s always room for growth and learning; it’s the compass that ensures we remain receptive and grounded. ‘Reliability’ stands testament to our unwavering commitment to deliver consistently, ensuring that our partners and stakeholders can always count on us. Our ‘Integrity’ ensures that our actions are always aligned with our words, promoting transparency and trustworthiness in all our dealings. And finally, ‘Loyalty’ binds us together, emphasizing our dedication not just to the organization’s goals but to each other, nurturing a community where mutual respect and commitment thrive.


  • For MCPU, Quality Assurance (QA) stands as the bedrock of its reputation and product reliability. The intricate nature of polyurethane formulations demands rigorous testing and validation processes to ensure consistency, durability, and safety.
  • By prioritizing QA, MCPU not only guarantees that the products meet stringent industry standards but also instills confidence among clients and end-users. It’s an unequivocal commitment to excellence, ensuring that every product that leaves our facility performs optimally, reflecting MCPU’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Innovation and R&D

  • Innovation is part of our way of life. We have developed 17 patents related to polyurethanes.
  • We aim to develop new big ideas with you and will work with your team to create new formulations. At the heart of our commitment lies a collaborative spirit, rooted in the belief that the best innovations are forged through partnership. We are not just passive suppliers; we envision ourselves as co-creators, joining hands with you to birth groundbreaking ideas tailored for the future of the polyurethane industry.
  • Our aspiration is to explore uncharted territories, to dream and conceptualize big, transformative ideas. By merging our collective expertise, resources, and passion, we are poised to co-develop novel formulations that not only address current market needs but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities. Together, as a united force, we’re set to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the polyurethane realm.”
  • We possess the deep market knowledge needed to make connections between interesting end-use applications and innovative chemistry.

We're Different How?

We don’t want to sell you anything.

We want to understand. & SOMETIMES we collaborate with our partners.

We solve technical challenges, exploit opportunities in the market, and create mutual competitive advantage through the practice of innovative chemistry.